The 2004 34th Annual Lone Feather Council Pow Wow
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On June 26, 2004, we attended the 34th annual 2004 Lone Feather Council Pow Wow held on the grounds of Rock Ledge Ranch, just outside Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.   This was our 3rd time at a Lone Feather Pow Wow (see our pictures of the 2000 Pow Wow), and I must say one of the most intimate, and spectacularly colorful.

Although it was obvious that a thunderstorm was approaching, and threatening to spoil the event, the cloudy, overcast sky allowed for some of the most exciting, dramatic, and magnificently colorful pictures I have yet taken at a Pow Wow.  This was also my first picture taking outing at a Pow Wow with my new 5 megapixel Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera, which certainly enhanced my picture results.

Once the rains came, they moved the Pow Wow, and what spectators remained, into the Rock Ledge Barn, which made for a very intimate setting.

We thoroughly enjoy attending Pow Wows, which not only offer a spectacular picture taking opportunity, but an opportunity to learn more about the rich Native American culture.  Not only are their outfits spectacularly colorful, wth their intricate feathers and other adornments, but the Native Americans exhibit such regal and nobel character.  Their ultimate respect and reverance for the elders and women is wonderful to behold and admire, not to mention their warm welcoming of us.

There is also something magical and mystical about the drum beating music accompanying the dancing.   It is really a spiritual experience.

We hope you enjoy viewing our pictures of this Pow Wow as much as I enjoyed taking them and sharing them with you.   If you have never done so, we also hope these pictures will encourage you to attend a Pow Wow in the future.

Mama & Papa Luciano

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All photos ©2004, Joseph R. Luciano

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