Philadelphia Sightseeing - July 2004

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Our summer would not be complete without traveling back East to attend a wedding. This year, we traveled outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our very good friends for over 40 years, Paul and MaryAnn drove up from Virginia to visit and sightsee with us for the weekend. Our son's girlfriend, KT, also joined us on this trip.

Since our time in Philadelphia was limited, we all decided it would be best to take a Trolley Tour of the City so we could at least get the main highlights. To our amazement, we found a city not only rich in history but in architecture as well. We all fell in love with this beautiful place. Our original plan was to only spend one day in Philadelphia but we all agreed that we wanted to return the next day even if it was just for a few hours. So, it was on our second day that we walked the beautiful, quaint streets.

The people we met along the way, from tour guides, parking attendants, and restaurant owners were wonderful. One could not help but recognize that we were in the City of Brotherly Love.

We hope these photos share some of the beauty and fun that we experienced in Philadelphia.

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