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The "official" artist's tee shirt for Chalk La Strada.
The artist works on her chalk picture, sponsored by Sprites of East County.
Even the local school kids do their own chalk pictures.
Even the local school kids do their own chalk pictures.
A "political" chalk picture done by Palomar High School students.
A chalk picure of an Italian advertising poster, sponsored by Trattoria Truli.
A chalk picture sponsored by Stuart Benjamin Jewlery.
A chalk picture with an interesting optical effect.
A very mordernistic chalk picture sponsored by Phyllis Trips.
An old Italian style chalk picture sponsored by Bolla.
Here is the original model photo for the chalk picture. Taken from the story, "A Life Revealed", in a 2002 issue of National Geographic, the famous photo on the left, by Steve McCurry, is of a young Afghan girl, Sharbat Gula, that appeared in the June 1985 issue. On the right, is a picture of the rediscovered Sharbat Gula in 2002.
Here is the artists interpretation in chalk of that famous National Geographic photo.
Second Place goes to: Peter, Clarina, Alex, and Dhaveed for their chalk picture sponsored by the Art Institute.
And First Place goes to: Maria Diaz and Martin Quintana for their chalk picture, sponsored by Rainbow Travel.

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