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This is the window sign on the office of the Sangre De Cristo Inn where we stayed in the heart of downtown Crestone, Colorado.
Here is the Sangre De Cristo Inn building at the corner of Alder Street and Galena Avenue, which was the center of Crestone in 1910. The lower level contains shops and offices, and the rooms are on the second floor.
This is the office of the Inn, which is also Bloom - "A unique little flower shop".
Mom, Joe, and Jesse in front of the Inn office.
There's our car parked by the stairs leading up to the rooms.
The second story portico along the East side of the Inn where our room was located (first room on the right).
Our room just as we are getting settled.
Jesse and Joe in the Southeast corner of the second story portico of our Inn with the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountains in the background.
Looking Northeast at the South end of our Inn. The backyard garden is behind the fence and the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountains are in the background in the East.
Jesse, Joe, and Mom at our table on the patio at the Harvest Restaurant (right across the street from our Inn) waiting for our delicious gourmet dinner.
The flags above our table with "peace" in different languages.
Jesse, Mom, and Joe walking down Alder Street in downtown Crestone. The Sangre De Cristo Inn is on the right and the Harvest Restaurant is in the background on the right.
Looking across Alder Street from our Inn to the "21st Amendment Liquors" store, which is currently unoccupied. It looks the same as it did in the 1910 photos, when it was the San Luis Valley Bank and later the Hardware Store.
A couple of the original buildings of Crestone, Colorado. The building on the left was originally the Pool Hall and then an Ice Cream Parlor. It is now the residence of our oldest continuous resident of Crestone, who has lived there since 1927. See the next slide for description of the building on the right.
The "Hardware" sign and artifacts on this building were actually moved from the real former Hardware Store (the old blue building across the street - slide #13).
The Crestone Youth Plaza and the CYP Thrift Store.
The sign for the Black Bear ice cream and coffee shop in Crestone.
The Black Bear is open!
The Silver Crest Palace bar in downtown Crestone, just a couple of blocks from our Inn.
Looking East on Silver Avenue with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the background. The Crestone Post Office is on the left, and the Saguache County Credit Union is on the right
A panoramic view of the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountains in the East above the roof of the Crestone Post Office.
An artistic iron horse by Steel Horse Iron Works placed at the entrance to the Crestone Park, the location of the Energy and Sustainability Fair.
A close up of the head of the iron horse with an eagle symbol on it's forehead.
The sun peeks through the mane of the iron horse.

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