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Cathy gazing out at the sea from our window seat in the Horizon Court buffet after we finished our lunch.
A view of the bow of the ship from the Horizon Court buffet on Lido Deck 14.
We are now in the Provence Dining Room (our assigned traditional dining (optional) for seating #1 at 5:45 PM each evening) on Fiesta Deck 6. These are our waiter, Rico, and waitress, Maria, a lovely married couple from Mexico.
One couple at our assigned dining table in the Provence Dining Room were Gwyneth and Steven from England.
This is Mary from California. She was originally from England, and grew up with Gwyneth. Steven and Gwyneth were visiting with Mary in California and they were taking this cruise together.
Another couple at our dinner table were Patricia and Whitey from Florida.
Another one of our assigned dinner companions was Jean from Illinois, a very vigorous septuagenarian on her 60th-something cruise on her own.
And, last but not least, our final dinner companion was Joe from Florida. He was our resident curmudgeon - an irascible, but friendly person.
As a surprise at the last dinner of the cruise was the parade of the flaming Baked Alaska! as the lights were lowered, all the wait staff paraded through the dining room to deliver a Baked Alaska to each table.
Our waiter, Rico, delivers the Baked Alaska to our table. It is a mound of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream on a cake layer with a meringue frosting -- DELICIOUS!!
Although this is the end of "Our Ship" pictures, it is by no means the end of our cruise pictures. Please continue viewing with Chapter 3 - Day 2 from the Menu Page.

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