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Our first morning out to sea, Day 2, we reached College Fjord very early in the morning. The sun had not yet fully risen, it was still somewhat dark, and it was foggy as you can see in this picture. So, it was not a great viewing or photo opportunity. We did not get to see the landscape or the glaciers, only these ice floats - mere remnants from the glaciers.
Another ice float in College Fjord.
The view from our balcony as we cruise through College Fjord and Prince William Sound. You can see that the seas are a bit choppy and the potential views of the landscape are obscured by fog.
Looking towards the stern of the ship as we cruise through Prince William Sound, you can see the unsteady seas and the fog bank obscuring the landscape.
As we sail through Prince William Sound, we look towards the bow of the ship and you can barely see the shape of the mountain landscape in the somewhat thinner fog ahead.
Cathy sits at a cocktail table in a cozy nook in La Patisserie Lounge on Plaza Deck 5 and marvels at the swell of waves. as we cruise through the Gulf of Alaska This was the roughest day on the cruise, as we were sailing through "open ocean" as opposed to the inlets and bays on the majority of the trip. Neither of us had any hint of the dreaded sea sickness - thank goodness!
Now THERE'S a wave and "heavy seas"!!

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