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A recently carved and painted totem pole laying down (with its head towards us) in front of the tour group.
A view of the sample totem pole from its foot. Nathan P. Jackson sits in the background working on a silver ring.
Our Tlingit native guide shows us an adz, a chopping tool used for carving.
He now demonstrates the carving of a totem pole using an adz.
Our native guide shows us a colorfully painted "Bent Box". The four sides are formed from a single plank of cedar which is grooved with 90-degree cuts where the corners need to be and the plank is bent to form the four sides.
A close up of the beautiful "Bent Box". Notice there is no seam at the corner.
Cathy (in the center) looks at a portfolio of some of the Tlinglit art works.
Some examples of basket weaving done by the Tlingit Tribe.

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