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Joe Hiking The Manitou Incline - May 22&29, 2009
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The Manitou Springs Incline located in Manitou Springs, Colorado, consists of 2,744 railroad ties on the Eastern slope of Pikes Peak. It began a little over a century ago as tracks for a work train used to install a pipeline. When the work was completed, the Incline would be used for decades as a tourist attraction bringing people up 1,900 feet of elevation in 3/4 of a mile.

In the early 1990s, the tourist train was scrapped and the abandoned ties became a workout for hikers, Olympic Trainers, moms, dads, and soldiers preparing to be sent to Iraq. Joe A. and his co-worker, Jared, decided that they would use the Incline to help them get into shape to eventually climb Pikes Peak. They have been hiking up the Incline every Friday morning since May 22nd.

All the photos were taken by Joe A. with his new Nikon D60.

Manitou Springs incline Graph

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