Waldo Canyon Fire Information - June 2012

  Waldo Canyon Fire - June 2012
Updated as of: June 28, 2012  11:25 MDT
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This Web Page documents information and links to other resources about the Waldo Canyon Fire near Colorado Springs, Colorado


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  • Our Current Personal Status
    Fire Evacuation Map as of 6/27 20:11 MDT - Red = Fire Area, Blue = Mandatory Evacuation, Yellow = Preliminary Evacuation
    Click on image for full-size picture

    For an updated interaactive version of this map, CLICK HERE

    Joe R. and Cathy - As of: 6/27 22:03 MDT
    Current Status: Safe and Sound
    Current Distance from Fire: about 7 miles east of fire
    Currently Residing at: home (Northeast Colorado Springs)

    Joe A. and Amanda - As of: 6/27 22:03 MDT
    Current Status: Safe and Sound
    Current Distance from Fire: about 2 miles southeast of fire
    Currently Residing at: home (Manitou Springs)

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  • Breaking News Bulletins!!

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      6/28 11:20 MDT
      2:00 a.m. - Worth reading, about a feeling many will never forget, including Gazette columnist Bill Vogrin ...
      WALDO CANYON FIRE: Hell in the rearview mirror
      On Tuesday, June 26, I said goodbye to my house and my neighbors and started my life as a Rockrimmon refugee.

      My heart was pounding as I made one last sweep through our little house in Raven Hills. I wondered if my family would ever celebrate another birthday here. I paused at the window where we saw so much wildlife in the woods outside. Where we always put up our Christmas tree.
      Read more

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      6/28 11:10 MDT
      Aerial Photos of Waldo Canyon Fire - 6/27 - Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/28 11:03 MDT
      WALDO CANYON FIRE: Readers respond to loss of historic attraction
      Aerial Photos of Flying W Ranch - Click on image for full-size picture

      The Flying W Ranch in Colorado Springs wasnít just a tourist attraction. It was part of the Pikes Peak regionís history.
      And on Tuesday, it burned to the ground in a brewing wildfire that went wild.

      "Itís a sad day for the Flying W Ranch," the ranch management said on its website.
      Read more

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      6/28 02:02 MDT
      Waldo Canyon Fire as Seen From Space
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/28 00:51 MDT
      Waldo Canyon Fire Part 4 - A view of the fire from the Hunters Point neighborhood as it hit Mountain Shadows on 6/26.

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      6/28 00:51 MDT
      Waldo Canyon Fire Part 3 - A view of the fire from the Hunters Point neighborhood as it hit Mountain Shadows on 6/26.

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      6/28 00:51 MDT
      Waldo Canyon Fire Part 2 - View of fire burning as it hits Mountain Shadows division and parts of Peregrine as the fire grows close to it. This view is from the tip of Hunters Point neighborhood, directly above Centennial and Woodmen. 06/26/2012

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      6/28 00:51 MDT
      Waldo Canyon Fire Part 1 - View of fire burning as it hits Mountain Shadows division and parts of Peregrine as the fire grows close to it. This view is from the tip of Hunters Point neighborhood, directly above Centennial and Woodmen. 06/26/2012

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      6/28 00:04 MDT
      Colorado Springs on Fire! - from evening of 6/26
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 23:19 MDT
      11:10 p.m. - This from an Air Force Academy press release:
      In an effort to reduce the footprint of cadets on the Air Force Academy and focus on the Class of 2016, Academy officials are relocating approximately 550 cadets off of Academy grounds.

      Approximately 200 summer academics cadets will be temporarily relocated to the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs campus tonight in an effort to continue the mission of developing leaders of character for the United States Air Force and our nation.

      "UCCS has been a terrific partner helping our faculty and cadets continue our academic programs while we focus on the Class of 2016 and in-processing," said Brig. Gen. Dana Born, dean of faculty.

      Commanders have suspended the airmanship program due to the current operational support of the Waldo Canyon Fire, and other training programs have also been postponed. These approximately 350 cadets have been released to their local sponsor families.

      Academy officials want to ensure the public that the cadet area is currently not in imminent danger.

      Class of 2016 in-processing will occur as scheduled Thursday on the Air Force Academy. Mission-essential personnel and all those supporting in-processing should report for duty as scheduled. All other base operations will be closed.

      All medical appointments are cancelled through Friday. Patients will be contacted to reschedule appointments.
      For continuing updates, go to www.usafa.af.mil/news/fire.asp

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      6/27 22:58 MDT
      A Bit of Calm and Color
      Click on image for full-size picture
      24 Hours after a tragic night for Colorado Springs, a welcome calm evening for those fighting the Waldo Canyon Fire. This photo looks up Queen's Canyon, which the fire jumped Tuesday evening before making its run into homes in northwest Colorado Springs. Photo by Mark Reis, The Gazette

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      6/27 22:50 MDT
      Burned Down Homes at Mountain Shadows
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 22:44 MDT
      10:15 pm - Army engineers from Fort Carson who were working on building fire breaks along Highway 24 have shifted their resources to the Air Force Academy. The Academy asked the Army for aid in building fire breaks around the school's boundaries. The Army has committed 121 troops to helping the Academy, along with with 10 heavy bulldozers, four excavators, two wreckers, two flatbed trucks, two fuel trucks, 13 military transportation and support vehicles and a commercial road grader. An Army spokesman said in a statement that Fort Carson is prepared to devote as much of its resources as possible to fighting the fire.

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      6/27 22:37 MDT
      9:35 pm - As of 9:20 p.m., the fire now covers 18,500 acres, and has cost $3.2 million. There are 1,008 personnel on scene, and 68 fire engines. Fire fighters from as far away as Iowa and Indiana are helping battle the blaze.

      There are six helicopters on scene--two Type 1, two Type 2, and two Type 3. Fire fighters have three bulldozers to help build fire lines, and three water tenders.

      No more residents have been evacuated, and no more evacuation orders have been issued for any neighborhoods or towns.

      However, 20,085 homes and 160 commercial properties are threatened by the flames.

      The fire now covers 15,622 acres of US Forest Service land, 2,866 acres of private property and 12 acres owned by the Department of Defense.

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      6/27 22:29 MDT
      Weather Meister - 3D Mapping Mountain Shadows & Peregrine
      Where did the fire go last night? Matt zooms in and finds out given the Wednesday morning official fire outline.
      See 3D Topographic Video

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      6/27 21:17 MDT
      WALDO CANYON FIRE: Survival stories from evacuees
      The Gazette
      'All our kids grew up there together'

      Brian Fox figured his house was gone when he saw a photo of his block in flames. On Wednesday, a police officer confirmed that it had burned to the ground.

      "Weíve lived there for 15 years and put blood, sweat and tears into it", he said. "A house is just a box that holds a bunch of things. But itís been our home. Thatís the hardest part. Losing your home."
      Read more

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      6/27 20:46 MDT
      8:10 pm - Care and Share's food pantries are open to evacuees at the following locations:

      On the north side of town:
      The Food Pantry -- 5580 N. Nevada Ave. -- Saturday (6/30): 8a-4p
      Mercyís Gate -- 4210 Austin Bluffs Pkwy -- Thu & Fri (6/28-29): 9a-4p

      On the West side of town:
      Silver Key -- 2250 Bott Ave. -- Mon-Fri: 9a-5p
      Trinity United Methodist Church -- 701 N. 20th St. -- Tues: 1p-3p
      Westside Community Center -- 1628 W. Bijou -- Mon-Fri: 9a-4p
      Sacred Heart Catholic Church -- 2021 W. Pikes Peak -- Mon Ė Fri: 9a-4p

      In central Colorado Springs:
      Crossfire Ministries -- 2120 E. LaSalle St. -- Tue thru Thu: 10-4, Sat 9a-12p
      Seventh Day Adventist Church -- 1305 N. Union Blvd. -- Mon: 10a-2:30p

      In Divide:
      Little Chapel in Divide -- 69 County Rd 5 -- call 322-7610 for an appointment. 2nd and 4th Mondays: 4:30p-6:30p

      In Monument:
      Tri-Lakes Cares -- 235 Jefferson St. -- Mon and Thu: 12p-3p, 6p-8p

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      6/27 20:11 MDT
      Fire Evacuation Map as of 6/27 20:11 MDT - Red = Fire Area, Blue = Mandatory Evacuation, Yellow = Preliminary Evacuation
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 19:22 MDT
      6:19 p.m. - A firefighter told reporter Ryan Maye Handy today that during a briefing, crews learned that 200 to 300 homes have been lost. He said it was difficult to be accurate about the number, since the devastation is so complete that you can't even make out addresses.

      6/27 19:04 MDT
      5:45 p.m. - A new Incident Information Report gives the numbers: 15,517 acres burned, 20,085 residences and 160 commercial structures threatened, 32,000 evacuated. Read the report at http://inciweb.org/incident/article/14523.

      6/27 18:53 MDT
      Fire Growth Map from The Gazette (Updated periodically)

      6/27 18:08 MDT
      5:34 p.m. - County and state officials described a bleak, apocaplytpic scene inside the fire-torn area on the city's northwest side.

      Iitís like a war zone, if you will. said Steve Cox, the mayor's chief of economic vitality and innovation.

      Amy Lathen, chair of the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners, described the devasastion as surreal.

      Entire blocks gone, she said.

      She and commissioner Sallie Clark were taken on a tour of the burned-out neighborhoods by Fire Marshal Scott Campbell. Halfway along their tour, Campbell noticed barkchips beginning to ignite in front of a house that escaped unscathed the night before.

      Campbell jumped out of the truck and began digging soil onto the smoking pieces of bark. After a few minutes, more smoke appeared on the side of the house. He managed to put out both blazes with a garden hose.

      It blew up," said Lathen, who credited Campbell with saving two houses.

      "The winds are so strong that they're knocking over tree branches," Lathen said. Cars are burned out, and chimney stacks are all that is left of some houses.

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      6/27 18:03 MDT
      4:46 p.m. - Hot shots are on their way! Here's the press release from Vandenberg AFB:
      VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. Air Force Space Command deployed the only Department of Defense wildland fire fighting asset from Vandenberg at 2 p.m. June 27 in support of the wildland fire fighting efforts in Colorado Springs.

      The 18-member Vandenberg Hot Shot crew, along with two hot shots crew carrier vehicles, one superintendant support vehicle and one all terrain vehicle, loaded into the belly of a C-17 Globemaster from March Air Reserve Base at approximately 1 p.m. on June 27.

      "This is national support at its finest," said Mark Farias, Vandenberg Fire Department chief. "Vandenberg Hot Shots, being the only DoD hot shots, bring a critical skill set to the fight. These guys will be on the front lines of this wildfire using their training regarding wildfires and urban interface to save lives and structures in the state of Colorado."

      The hot shots will most likely be assigned to the Waldo Canyon Fire. As that fire rages in Colorado Springs, engulfing more than 15,517 acres, many military bases and residential areas are in danger and facing mandatory evacuation. This hot shots crew has been explicitly trained to save structures, not just to extinguish the flames.

      "When a building or community faces a wild fire danger we use structure triage," said Jesse Hendricks, Vandenberg Hot Shots superintendent. "First we remove any fuel source, like trees or shrubbery, from around the home using hand tools. Once we've created an area clear of fuels, we actually burn a fire around the structure that will carry the initial fire away from the homes."

      Vandenberg's Hot Shots are going into this inferno mentally and physically prepared.

      "We all got into the mindset that this is going to be a nasty situation," Hendricks said. "We understand fatigue will be a factor, so we are all hydrating and are trying to get as much sleep as we can before getting to Colorado. When we go into any wildfire we try to relate it to our 'mental slides,' meaning that we recall similar wildfires and pull from those lessons learned so that we will be more effective."

      Vandenberg's Fire Chief feels confident that this hot shot crew will prove to be a valuable asset to the containment of the Colorado wildfire.

      "Thousands of people and homes are threatened, but the most skilled DoD wildland fire fighters are being deployed. Our hot shots are difference makers, having saved this base numerous times, our surrounding communities and now Colorado Springs," Farias said.

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      6/27 17:59 MDT
      4:04 p.m. - From latest press conference:

      Fire service spokeswoman Jerri Marr:
      "We are working with the military. This is a unified team."
      They are still sticking with this morning's measure of 15,324 acres burned.

      Steve Cox, Mayor Bach's representative:
      He is looking at the property assessment issue. "We started that assessment today. I don't have any numbers for you today." They are trying to create a process for citizens to get information on their homes. "Our intent is that we will have a meeting with those folks." We would ask that media would respect that process."

      "In the next 24 hours, we hope to have a little more definitive information on numbers of people impacted, and also on the process itself."

      Fire Chief Rich Brown:
      "The conditions are exactly what we predicted. They are erratic."
      There is quite a bit of activity going on. "We are fighting these fires very, very aggressively, yet very safely."

      Firefighters are trying to put out burning embers and hot spots.

      "This is still an active fire. We have the firefight and the overhaul. We're nowhere near the overhaul."

      Firefighters are checking for fires and structural stability, and trying to save structures. They're also taking care of open gas mains. "But it's not a safe area for anyone to be there right now."

      Police Chief Pete Carey
      About 70 law enforcement officers are patrolling around the affected area. Other departments helping out include Fountain, El Paso County Sheriff's Office, the DEA, the FBI, Aurora PD, Pueblo PD, ATF and Colo State Patrol.

      Incident commander Rich Harvey
      "I'd like to start by saying, I hate wind. I wish it would go away." We were able to make good progress and hold along Highway 24. We've been pounding it from the air with the heavy helipcopters.

      Fire is in Sand Gulch area, and "we're a little ahead of that." Crews taking brush out.

      They're holding along Rampart Road near the reservoir.

      A spot fire is threatening a repeater site at Stanley. "We're concerned about that. We have a helicopter working it."

      Another concern: "Winds are pushing fire back toward Colorado Springs back where it hit us yesterday." But crews are on it.

      Spot fires and embers are creating secondary fires.

      There is a specially trained meterologist on site.

      Harvey said weather conditions are better today than yesterday, with more cloud cover and slightly higher humidity, but not enough to make a difference. Today, however, crews are more prepared for the possibility of rapidly moving flames.

      "We were prepared for it yesterday, but it moved astronomically fast," Harvey said. "You can fool us once, but not twice. Today, we are prepared for it to move astronomically fast."

      Harvey also said this fire is one for the history books. It's been going in different directions, and it's spread fast.

      "I've been doing this for a long time, and I've never seen a (fire) progression map look like that," he said.

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      6/27 16:36 MDT
      Cars and houses burned down by the Waldo Canyon Fire
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 16:31 MDT
      Houses burned down by the Waldo Canyon Fire
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 16:27 MDT
      Flying W Ranch burned down!!!!
      Click on image for full-size picture

      See news story with more pictures at: The Gazette - Flying W Ranch Burns Down

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      6/27 16:22 MDT
      Fire coming down to homes
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 16:18 MDT
      Fire over Ruby Tuesday
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 16:04 MDT
      Fire over I-25
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 15:39
      3:26 p.m. - A form on a website has been set up for evacuated residents who are concerned about the status of their home or business. "Your information will be collected and you will be contacted as soon as information is available," the press release says. "Many affected areas are too dangerous for assessment teams to enter, but as they are able to do initial damage assessments of affected areas you will be contacted."
      Go To: SpringsGov.com Waldo Fire Notify Form

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      6/27 15:37
      3:18 p.m. - Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation are helping El Paso County authorities in trying to figure out what started the Waldo Canyon fire, an FBI spokesman confirmed Wednesday to The Denver Post.
      The FBI Denver Division is working closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement to determine if any of the wildland fires resulted from criminal activity, local FBI spokesman Dave Joly wrote in an e-mailed statement.

      6/27 15:15 MDT
      Static map as of 12:16 MDT of the mandatory and preliminary evacuation areas in PDF format Static Map (PDF)

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      6/27 15:02 MDT
      For an INTERACTIVE MAP with the latest updates on the map showing the fire, preliminary and mandatory evacuation areas CLICK HERE

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      6/27 14:59
      14:30 MDT - Fire and weather conditions have let up enough to allow residents of the Douglass Valley housing area on the Air Force Academy to re-enter their homes between 3:30 and 5:30 Wednesday so they can grab any items they need. Pine Valley housing remains unsafe for re-entry.

      6/27 14:56 MDT
      14:28 MDT - Three C-130s are now flying on the Waldo Canyon fire. The fourth will be back soon. As of 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, C-130s had dropped 27,000 gallons of retardant in 10 drops.

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      6/27 14:55 MDT
      14:22 MDT - Effective immediately, the following are under pre-evacuation notice:
      The remainder of the City of Woodland Park city limits that have not been previously evacuated.
      All areas East of CR25 (a.k.a. Tranquil Acres Road and Mocks) to Blossom Road, including the subdivision of Tranquil Acres, North to the intersection of Forest Service Roads 357 and 357b, North on FSR 357 to CR 78 (a.k.a. Painted Rocks Road), North to the Douglas County Line.

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      6/27 14:52 MDT
      14:11 MDT - Authorities said on Wednesday afternoon that the growing number of evacuations and pre-evacuations arenít keeping them from keeping watch over the thousands of houses that already sit vacant.
      Officers with several out-of-town agencies, including the Pueblo County Sheriffís Office and the Colorado Department of Corrections, have been sent in to man road closure points and to patrol the evacuated areas on the lookout for looters.
      There have been no reports of break-ins since the first evacuations were ordered on Saturday, said Anne Rys-Sikora, a spokeswoman for fire and emergency crews.
      There is a concern and it is being addressed, Rys-Sikora said. Clearly, we are not doing this alone.

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      6/27 12:05 MDT
      11:39 a.m. Tweets from Gazette's Matt Steiner: Woodland Park mayor says evacuations will begin of formerly announced "pre-evacuation areas." Others will be on standby.
      Everything west of Baldwin/Rampart Range Road, portions west of Highway 24 and south of downtown will be on mandatory evacuation.
      The city manager of Woodland Park said the fear is that there will be a weather run like the day

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      6/27 12:03 MDT
      11:18 a.m. Some at Garden of the Gods Road and Centennial Boulevard were scoping out their neighborhoods Wednesday morning, checking to see if ther houses still stand.
      "The deck's fine, the chicken coop is fine. All the trees are fine," Ken Barker, who lives on Lanagan Street, said while on the phone with his wife, who was back in a hotel.
      He continued the grim assessment over the phone: At leat three houses on that street that he could once see were gone.
      He later pointed to a dark spot on the south part of the ridge. "That was a house and it's completely gone," Barker said.
      "My house is still standing," he said. "I'm pretty happy right now."

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      6/27 11:28 MDT
      Waldo Canyon Fire all along the Front Range (looking towards the west)
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 11:21 MDT
      10:52 a.m. Woodland Park city manager David Buttery will give a live fire update via the Internet and local cable Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. The broadcast will be streamed live at city-woodlandpark.org and on Woodland Park cable channel 10.

      6/27 11:18 MDT
      9:56 a.m. As if firefighters and residents didn't have enough to deal, forecasters have issued a flash flood warning for Wednesday for the area of the Waldo Canyon fire.
      The National Weather Service in Pueblo has issued a flash flood watch for El Paso and Teller counties, specifically the newly burned areas. Forecasters say a cold front, which could trigger thunderstorms, is expected to move into the area Wednesday afternoon. The moisture would be welcome, but with little vegetation left in the hills above Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City, forecasters warn flash flooding could occur in those areas.

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      6/27 11:17 MDT
      9:37 a.m. Douglas Regional 9-1-1 has issued a pre-evacuation warning: "The Waldo Canyon fire burning in El Paso County is expanding and poses a threat to residents of southwestern Douglas County. The specific area included in this pre-evacuation warning is bounded by the Palmer Divide Road on the south, Noe Road on the north, Spruce Mountain on the east, and Rampart Range Rd.on the west.
      "Residents in the affected area need to make immediate plans for the evacuation and care of family members and animals. The Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock can accommodate evacuees and large animals should an evacuation become necessary. Residents are urged to gather important documents, medications, and important personal effects so that they will be immediately available should conditions deteriorate."

      6/27 11:15 MDT
      09:00 MDT. At least 100 homes, likely more, were burned when the Waldo Canyon fire roared into the Mountain Shadows neighborhood Tuesday, according to an official who declined to be named Wednesday morning.

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      6/27 10:31 MDT
      8:21 MDT From morning media briefing: The Waldo Canyon fire has exploded in size, growing to 15,324 acres.
      On Tuesday, the fire jumped two containment lines and raced into the Mountain Shadows neighborhood, where many homes were destroyed. At the briefing, Colorado Springs Fire Chief Richard Brown said he was not prepared to say how many homes had burned.
      "We don't know the number of homes lost," he said. Crews had been battling the blaze "all night long," he said.
      "This is not a defensive situation by any means," he said. Two-hundred more firefighters were brought in Tuesday night to battle the spreading fire.
      "We've had way more successes than we have failures," said Jerri Marr, forest supervisor.
      The cause of the fire, she said, remains unknown. A tip line seeking leads from the public has been flooded with calls. There is no "person of interest."
      Officials said there have been no reports of injuries and they are not aware of anyone not accounted for. The fire remains only 5 percent contained.
      "This is a very difficult time for our city, but we will get through this together," Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach said. He saluted those police officers who helped thousands flee the blaze Tuesday night.
      More than 32,000 people have been evacuated. No new evacuation orders were issued Wednesday morning.
      Wednesday looks to be another tough day for firefighters.
      "We do expect all of our lines to be challenged today," incident commander Richard Harvey said of the chance for erratic winds from thunderstorms.
      Jill Law of El Paso County Public Health, meanwhile, warned the public that air quality remains unhealthy and advised people to stay indoors if possible.
      Colorado Springs Utilities officials were on hand to assure that water quality has not been compromised because of the fire. Gas service has been cut off to evacuated areas.
      Highway 24 remains closed between Cave of the Winds and Crystola. The fire line there has held, officials said. A spot fire did erupt on the south side of the highway, but was quickly put out.
      Blowing embers, which can travel more than a half-mile, are a major concern; 65 percent of embers are starting fires, officials said.

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      6/27 10:15 MDT
      Fire Evacuation Map as of 6/27 20:11 MDT
      Click on image for full-size picture

      6/27 03:35 MDT
      Great video report with 3D fly-over map of fire area as of 6/26 23:34 MDT
      This includes 3D topography of the NW side of Colorado Springs where homes are burning. It also includes a timelapse from Pikes Peak of the thunderstorm gust front coming through this afternoon that drove the fire into Colorado Springs. Video Report from Matt Meister of KRDO-TV 13

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      6/27 02:46 MDT
      Yesterday evening 6/26 at 16:27 MDT - The longer we stayed the smokier it got where we were and it got harder to breathe
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 02:40 MDT
      Yesterday evening 6/26 at 16:21 MDT - Looking west over I-25 from Vincent Dr. at the Waldo Canyon Fire on the Front Range. The smoke has completely obliterated the mountains and partially obscured the sun
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 02:36 MDT
      Yesterday evening 6/26 at 16:17 MDT - Looking west over I-25 from Vincent Dr. at the Waldo Canyon Fire on the Front Range. The smoke has completely blocked the view of the mountains
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 02:35 MDT
      From the Rocky Mountain Area Coordination Center: "Significant growth is anticipated with active fire behavior expected overnight."

      6/27 02:30 MDT
      Picture I took yesterday evening 6/26 at 16:17 MDT - Looking west over I-25 from Vincent Dr. at the Waldo Canyon Fire on the Front Range
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 01:35 MDT
      Wind is from the north-northwest according to fire officials on the scanner, pushing fire toward more homes in the city.

      6/27 01:02 MDT
      All Colorado Springs hotels appear to be booked, according to desk clerks at a dozen area hotels. South Denver Marriott said there may not be a hotel room in Denver available, due to the Waldo Canyon Fire and a big softball tournament.

      6/27 00:49 MDT
      On casualties, El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said deputies "haven't heard of any or heard of any suspected."

      6/27 00:33 MDT
      El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa says the fire remains "very active" west of Centennial from Flying W. Ranch to just past Vindicator.

      Evacuation Map as of 6/27 00:42 MDT
      Click on image for full-size picture

      Map as of 6/27 00:36 MDT - Red = Fire Area, Blue = Mandatory Evacuation, Yellow = Preliminary Evacuation
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/27 00:33 MDT
      El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa says the fire remains "very active" west of Centennial from Flying W. Ranch to just past Vindicator.

      6/27 00:04 MDT
      Homes burning in the Waldo Canyon Fire tonight
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/26 23:46 MDT
      Looking to the west over northern Colorado Springs - Fire coming over the ridge into Mountain Shadows. Pikes Peak is to the left and the lights at the top are at the Summit House
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/26 23:42 MDT
      Fire coming over the ridge into Mountain Shadows and burning homes
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/26 23:16 MDT
      The Antler's Hilton, 4 S. Cascade Ave., is opening up a ballroom for evacuees. All of their actual rooms are full. Hotel employees say the ballroom can fit about 50 to 60 people and, while they have some blankets, it would help for evacuees to bring sleeping bags. About 11:15 p.m. they had less than 10 people there.

      6/26 23:05 MDT
      . The evactuation center at the former Phil Long Expo Center is closing. Those needing shelter can go to the following Red Cross shelters:

        Lewis Palmer High School: 1300 Higby in Monument
        Cheyenne Mountain High School: 1200 Cresta Road
        Southeast YMCA: 2190 Jet Wing Drive

      6/26 22:51 MDT
      Traveler's tonight should be warned that all exits onto west-bound highways from from Academy to Uintah are closed, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation. Interstate 25 was re-opened earlier tonight.

      6/26 22:23 MDT
      Southbound Interstate 25 has been reopened through Colorado Springs, city spokeswoman Julie Smith said at 10:15 p.m.
      Holland Park is now under a mandatory evacuation order.
      The fire has grown to 6,200 acres, and remains 5% contained. According to inciweb.org, 20,085 residences and 160 commercial structures are threatened. More than 750 firefighters are working the fire.

      6/26 22:02 MDT KRDO NewsChannel 13 / KRDO.com
      Kissing Camels evacuation boundaries
      . North - Garden of the Gods
      South - Fillmore
      West - 30th
      East - Centennial

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      6/26 21:08
      From Facebook: Rebecca Nehme - I've lived in this beautiful city all my life. I never imagined I'd sit watching it burn. Our friends homes are in the path of this devastation and it just makes me sick. We have room for anyone that needs a place to stay. Our doors are open! God bless our beautiful city and pray for rain

      6/26 21:01 MDT
      From Facebook: gazette.com - From The Gazette's Ryan Handy: Chief Brown said, "Been on the job for 32 years. This is biggest thing I have ever been involved in, hands down."
      Official says it will be days until we know what was lost.
      From our Ryan Handy: Sheriff Maketa has been told that the Waldo Canyon fire could last a month.
      Well over 800 firefighters, according to The Gazette's Kristina Iodice.

      6/26 6/26 20:58 MDT
      It has been reported that the fire has now incurred into the U.S. Air Force Academy from the south.

      6/26 20:47 MDT
      Live News Conference form Fire Control Team on TV News
      It is being reported on the live news conference that 32,000 people have been evacuated.
      No reports of any injuries at this time.

      6/26 20:43 MDT
      It has been reported that Flying W Ranch has "burned to the ground". This was a Colorado Springs landmark tourist attraction. HOW VERY, VERY SAD!!!

      6/26 20:40 MDT
      It is confirmed - multiple houses are now burning in Mountain Shadows - we are wathcing it live on KKTV-11 right now. That is about 5 miles form our house! Fortunately it is west of us across I-25 which forms a somewhat north-south clear corridor between us and the fire.

      this surprise rush of the fire into a west/northwest direction was caused by a "dry storm" of 60-65 mph winds. The fire just "blew up" and ofer the ridge.

      Latest Evacuation map
      As of: 2012/6/26 19:36 MDT
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      Latest picture (looking west) of fire coming over the ridge towards Mountain Shadows
      As of: 2012/6/26 18:02 MDT
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      Map showing our house (A) in relation to Flying W Ranch (B) which is burning now
      As of: 2012/6/26 19:02 MDT
      Click on image for full-size picture

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      6/26 18:56 MDT - From Facebook: KRDO NewsChannel 13 / KRDO.com
      Rockrimmon and Woodmen Valley, west and north of Woodmen Rd and I-25 and west and north of Rockrimmon Blvd and Vindicator Dr.
      Pinon Valley and Pine Cliff, west and north of Garden of the Gods and I-25 to Centennial north to Ute Valley Park.
      Mandatory evac order remains for all of Cedar Heights, Mountain Shadows and Peregrine.

      6/26 18:31 MDT - From Facebook: Tamra Temple I've been listening to the scanner. The firefighters on the scene directly reported about twenty structures fully engulfed at the top of the flying w ranch. They're deciding what they can protect and those structures, and probably others near them, are going to be totally lost

      6/26 18:28 MDT - The owner of Flying W Ranch just called KKTV-11 to rport that the Ranch is now on fire! How terribly SAD!!!

      6/26 17:00
      The fire has broken over the ridge an is heading over the Mountain Shows and Perrigrine subdivisions towards I-25, which means it is heading towards US. Fortunately we are about 5 miles away and have I-25 between us and the fire, but it is STILL very scary. Our neighborhood is now engulfed in smoke, and the entire Front Range of mountains is tottally hidden from us in smoke.

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  • Introduction

      This page is intended as a central information resource for all our family and friends about the Waldo Canyon Fire now burning near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

      It may not be fancy or pretty, but it will have all the latest information, news, and links to other resources. I intend to update it frequently with the latest available information.

      So, be forewarned, the page content, layout and organization may change frequently as I add new items and update existing items, and possibly rearrange things. Refresh the page frequently in your browser to get the latest updates. The Index at the top of the page may also change frequently, but you can use it to get to any section on this page.

      If you find anything you think I should add or see any errors, please email me using the email link at the bottom of the page.

      We are extremely concerned with this particular fire as Joe and Amanda's home, in Manitou Springs, is only about 2 miles from the southern flank of this fire in a densely populated and forested area. Plus, we have been having many consecutive days of 95-100+ degree temperatures with extremely low humidity (less than 10%) and NO RAIN now, or in the foreseeable future.

      We have been directly affected, since we had to evacuate Joe and Amanda's most valued possessions from their home on Saturday, when the fire started, and they have been staying at our house since then. They may be returning to their home this evening (Tuesday 6/26).

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  • Latest Fire Stats (As of: 2012/6/27 @ 21:35 MDT)
      Date of Origin: Saturday June 23rd, 2012 approx. 12:00 PM
      Location: Pike National Forest, El Paso County, Colorado
      Percent Contained: 5%
      Estimated Containment Date: Monday July 16th, 2012
      Acres: 18,500
      Personnel: 1000+
      Fire Engines: 68
      Water Tender: 3
      C-130 MAFFS: 4
      Helicopters: 6
      Bulldozers: 3
      Evacuees: 32,000 (20,085 homes, 160 businesses)
      Injuries: 0
      Structures lost: Possibly 200-300 homes
      Cause: Under investigation
      Cost: $3.2
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