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Italy 1999 Tour Slide Shows
Each of the following slide shows presents the pictures one per screen and allows you to page forward to the next slide,  back to the previous slide, or back to the first slide of that show.

Slide Shows:

  Complete Show (all 142 pictures)
  Rome - including the Vatican (63 pictures)
  The Vatican - including St. Peter's (32 pictures)
  Pompeii  (8 pictures)
  Sorrento & Capri  (13 pictures)
  Assisi  (13 pictures)
  Ravenna  (3 pictures)
  Venice  (15 pictures)
  Island of Burano (Venice)  (6 pictures)
  Pisa  (2 pictures)
  Florence  (11 pictures)
  Siena  (3 pictures)

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