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       Santa Fe, New Mexico and Vicinity 2001 (Oct. 12th to 16th)     

Mom in front of the oldest Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico

    1. Downtown Santa Fe and Environs (72 photos):                     Picture Index           Slide Show

    The capitol of New Mexico, Santa Fe has a southwest small town feel. A very old and quaint town filled with adobe structures, churches, museums, shops, and art galleries. It is a very colorful town with ancient and modern Native American, and Spanish influences.
    Consists of 72 photos.

    2. San Ildefonso Pueblo (37 photos):                     Picture Index           Slide Show

    The San Ildefonso Pueblo in North Central New Mexico dates back hundreds of years. In ancient times (the late 1100s) the people of San Ildefonso migrated from the Mesa Verde colony in southern Colorado. But in the 1300s a drought forced the people to move. Many settled in what is now San Ildefonso Pueblo, 26,000 acres that run from the Rio Grande to the upper mountain elevations near Los Alamos. They constructed similar dwellings in Frijoles Canyon in Bandelier National Monument. The Pueblo contains ancient and modern adobe pueblo homes which are still lived in today. Many serve as studio/showrooms for the famous Native American pottery artisans. San Ildefonso Pueblo was the home of the famous Maria Martinez (1887-1980) who rediscovered the ancient art of producing burnished black-on-black pottery.
    Consists of 37 photos, including panorama.

    3. The Pottery of Juan Tafoya of the San Ildefonso Pueblo (66 photos):           Picture Index           Slide Show

    We visit Juan Tafoya in his studio/home on San Ildefonso Pueblo.
    Click on Juan Tafoya Intro   for more information on Juan and his pottery.
    Consists of 66 photos.

    4. Bandelier National Monument (42 photos):                     Picture Index           Slide Show

    Bandelier National Monument located in nothern New Mexico contains the ruins of the ancient Pueblo Indians, sometimes referred to as the Anazazi. Originally settled by the Anazazi from Mesa Verde in the late 1100s, Frijoles Canyon in Bandelier National Monument was abandoned due to drought in the 1300s. The people established new pueblos in the surounding area, among them San Ildefonso.
    Consists of 42 photos.

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