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Santa Fe Vacation 2002 (Oct. 25th to Oct. 28th)

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A Native American Poem about the peoples and lands of New Mexico

    Day 1 - Journey Northwest of Santa Fe to Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch

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    We decided to leave Santa Fe and drove northwest along Route 84/285 to Abiquiu, a tiny town on a bend of the Rio Chama. It is remembered as the winter home of celebrated American artist Georgia O'Keeffe. We stopped at the very quaint Abiquiu Inn and liked it so much that we decided on our way back to Santa Fe to revisit the Inn and have coffee and dessert. Next, we headed for Ghost Ranch. The Ranch was originally owned by Arthur and Phoebe Pack and served as the summer home for Georgia O'Keeffe. It is now owned by the Presbyterian Church and used as a center for "peace and justice" offering an extremely wide variety of seminars in the arts, religion, self-awareness and self-improvement. It is this area of New Mexico that was the inspiration for Ms. O'Keeffe's fabulous art works. The day was filled with incredible spectacular scenery in the "Land of Enchantment".

    Day 2 - Downtown Santa Fe and Santa Clara Pueblo

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    The day began with a visit to downtown Santa Fe where we perused the arts of the Native Americans under the portico of the Governor's Palace. We decided to walk along the the quaint and picturesque streets of Santa Fe photographing the interesting cultural and architectural details. We then set off to visit the Santa Clara Pueblo, known for its highly polished black pottery. We met Ken Tafoya and Claudette Gallegos in the Povijemu Gallery. The last stop in our day was the Chimayo Trading Post in Espanola, NM. It is the last authentic adobe trading post in the Santa Fe-Taos vicinity and is part museum and part store. It has been owned by the Trujillo family since the 1930s.

    Day 3 - San Ildefonso Pueblo and Downtown Santa Fe

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    We once again revisited the San Ildefonso Pueblo stopping at the Sunbeam studio of the famous potter, Barbara Gonzales, the creator of the now famous "Swish Bowls". These unique pieces have a small piece of coral, turquoise or silver bead inside. Barbara is the great-granddaughter of the famous San Ildefonso potter, Maria Martinez. The remainder of the day was spent admiring the beautiful and artistic details on the wonderful shops and buildings lining the streets of downtown Santa Fe.

    Day 4 - Journey on the "High Road" towards Taos with stops at Chimayo and Las Trampas

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    On this day, we said good-bye to Santa Fe and headed home taking the "High Road To Taos" providing some of the most dramatic scenery in the area. This route takes us to the town of Chimayo and the El Santuario de Chimayo. A picturesque adobe church whose site is known for its healing powers. Not far from the church is the Chimayo Trading and Mercantile Gallery. This building is more than 100 years old, and the gallery is known for it's high quality of fine arts, pueblo pottery, weavings and jewelry. Not too far from Taos is the Spanish village of Las Trampas home to the San Jose de Gracia Catholic church built in 1760.

    Panoramas - Including an Interactive Panorama

      (6 static & 1 interactive panorama photos) :                     Panorama Index
    Here are all the panorama photos that also appear in the sections above. In addition, included here is an exciting INTERACTIVE panorama, where you can scroll the panorama left and right.

    Native American Art Works Acquired on This Trip

      (8 Regular & Three 3D Animated Object Photos) :                     Art Work Index
    This section contains detailed photos of all the Native American art works we acquired on this trip. A new innovative concept are "3D Animated Object Photos", where you can see a full 360-degrees around the objects, and also zoom in by dragging your cursor over the image. This is our first attempt at this new, exciting technique, and although the results are not professionally perfect, we think they are very exciting. Let us know what you think.

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