Our Visit with Jimmy & Flo in San Diego - October 7-19, 2004
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                                                  (Photo by Jimmy)
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After a very busy spring and summer, we took a 12 day vacation in October,2004 to San Diego, CA. The last time we visited this beautiful city was 34 years ago. The main purpose of this trip was to visit with Jimmy and Flo. We can't say enough about what gracious, wonderful hosts they were. Not only did they take us to see many of the highlights of San Diego, but they also allowed us to put up our Yankee Wall of Fame in their living room where the 4 of us cheered the Yankees on during the playoffs.

Although we were out and about everyday, taking in the sights and events in this city, we can't help but feel that we only scratched the surface. We now have an understanding of how this area of mountains, ocean, sun and beautiful vegetation has such a hold on the people who live there.

We hope that through these photos you get to see a city rich in history, culture and beauty.

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